Election 2015

Canada needs a federal government that is committed to sustained investment in public health across the country. CCPH21 calls on the next federal government to invest in strategies and programs that support strong healthy people in Canada regardless of their economic and social status.

Public Health Matters

The Coalition is calling on the next federal government to take leadership on two key issues:

Basic Income Guarantee  Early Childhood Education & Care

Low Household Income


September 16, 2015

National Childcare Strategy


September 16, 2015

1 in 7 Canadian children live in poverty


September 16, 2015

Negative Early Life Experiences


September 16, 2015

Income Affects Health


September 16, 2015

School without skills


September 16, 2015

Where do the Federal Political Parties sit on Public Health?

How do the federal political parties stack up in their understanding of public health and investing in disease prevention, health protection and health promotion? You be the judge. Below are the links to the platforms released by the various federal political parties. We invite you to read the sections related to health and well-being.

Bloq Québecois


Conservative Party of Canada


Green Party of Canada


Liberal Party of Canada


New Democratic Party


Your Voice Counts in Campaign 2015

Get involved. Be pro-active and get your voice heard. The public health community in Canada is not insignificant. Be informed and make your voice count. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of all Canadians. But it takes each one of us to make it happen.

Letter to Editor

Letter to the editor

Send an E-mail or a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or to one of Canada’s national newspapers. Focus on one issue and how it affects the state of health of people across the country or in your riding. State your case in 100 words or less.

Letter to Candidate

Letter to candidates

Send an email or a letter to candidates in your riding. Focus on an issue and how it affects the state of health of people in your riding. Ask them for a written reply to your questions or concerns. State your case in 100 words or less.

Social Media

Social Networking

If you have a Facebook account, post your views and comments on it to share with others. See whether candidates in your riding are using social networking, and take the opportunity to share your views with them on-line.

Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting

Make this a group effort. Prepare a concise question. Have friends and colleagues located near microphones to increase the chance of your question being selected. Introduce yourself as someone with first-hand experience about public health or an interest in public health. If the candidates don’t provide a satisfactory answer, press them to do so. Meet the candidates afterwards to reinforce your point.

Face to Face Meeting

Face-to-Face Meetings

When candidates come to your door, take a few minutes to ask them about how the party they represent will safeguard the country’s public health capacity and services. Let them understand that public health is important and needs to be considered in their party’s platform.